How long will the upholstery take?

A complete interior job takes approximately 6 to 12 weeks  from the time the materials have arrived at our shop and we get under way.  Assuming that the vehicle owner has done their part by supplying all the components needed.  If we have to order parts or wait on parts the time will be extended accordingly.

What does a typical job cost?

There are no typical jobs.   Every project is unique.  There are many factors involved in the bottom line cost.  Type of material such as leather vs. vinyl, custom made parts such as center consoles, custom made seats, custom made dash panel and dash clusters, bright work such as polishing, plating, and custom made trim parts.  These factors and other can add to the final cost.  If you are having us do a complete upholstery job including, headliner,sail panels, seats, door panels, rear quarter panels, kick panels, carpet, and trunk  the base price is  $11,000.   If you are looking to build a full blown show stopper  the cost is calculated very simply, Time and Materials, and projects like these can easily take many months to complete so plan accordingly.

How to get started?

 Just call Pete  (419) 604-9292 He is a really nice guy and easy to work with.