Wiring a vehicle may seem to be never ending, and it is easy to forget to pull a wire here or there.  The above photo shows the power wire ran to the area under the driver seat for a power seat control.  NOTE:  Here is a pro-builders tip:  run an extra half dozen wires from the fuse box area to the rear of the trunk.  If you forget to wire something, these wires will be ready to go and you won't have to cut into your expensive carpet job to wire that one last widget!

Head lamp and wiper switches are wired and tested and will be mounted in a newly fabricated dash panel.  Make sure to leave enough slack in the wiring on loose switches and components.

A/C  Heater vent hoses are attached to the evaporator and ran to their destination with slack.

Heater/ AC evaporator is mounted and hoses are plumbed to the bulk head. Notice the drain tube going through the floor board. When routing hoses and wires keep the carpet and upholstery panels in mind and do your best to keep them from interfering.  Stereo amplifier is installed above the bulk head and these components have been wired and tested for proper operation and leaks.

If your project is getting a custom center console it is best to run the wiring down the middle.  Here we see the Pro Ride valve controller mounted along with the wiring going to the rear of the vehicle.


Here the fuse box is mounted in the area above the brake pedal and all wires are run to their destination. Remote entry module, shift indicator module and emergency brake can be seen in this photo.

Here we have the A/C controls hanging loose.  They have been tested and will be mounted in a newly constructed center console along with drink holders and a few other goodies.  Notice the insulation is installed throughout the vehicle.

How to prepare your vehicle for the upholstery shop

Have you made your appointment?

The trim shop is the final step of a build, and timing is important to keep a project moving forward in a timely manner.   Building a car takes many months or even years to complete and there are always unforeseen delays.  Don't wait until your project is ready for upholstery to call us.  It is best to make an appointment as soon as possible to ensure your time slot.  If your project is not ready at your appointed time we can reschedule you. 

Have you confirmed your appointment?

Appointments are only confirmed once your deposit in the amount of $1000 has been received. 

Is your vehicle ready for the upholstery shop?

It is important to have all systems and components  installed and functioning  properly and the car should be a runner.  This however does not mean all components are mounted.  Switches, controls, air ducts, knobs, door handles, and such need to be present but not necessarily mounted.  If we are to cover the dash or build you a custom console the components need to be hooked up and functioning, but left loose with the appropriate amount o slack in the wiring and hoses.

Here is a list of absolutes that must be done prior to bringing your vehicle to us.

The vehicle must be wired, plumbed and tested.

-Fuse box mounted in a location that will be easy to service with all wires run to their destination

-A/C heater evaporator installed, wired, and plumbed to the bulk head  

-A/C heater controls wired and tested

-Air duct hoses ran to their destination with slack

- Gauges and Indicators  wired

- Headlamp switch/ wiper switch wired

-Stereo/ amplifier/ speakers installed and wired

-Door glass and roll up quarter glass installed and functioning with outside weather strip installed

-Power window regulators and switches wired and tested (if applicable)

-Door solenoids wired and tested (if applicable)

-Door latches installed with doors aligned

-Trunk latch installed with trunk aligned

-Windshield and rear glass OUT  NOT INSTALLED (on most projects)

-Electric fuel pump wired

-Electric shift indicator/ control module installed (if applicable)(if applicable)

-Emergency brake and cable installed

-Steering column with linkage connected and wiring (if applicable)

-Brake pedal installed

-Throttle pedal and linkage installed

-Floor mount dimmer switch (if applicable)---------

-Any special controls such as Air Suspension Systems, Remote Entry Systems, Alarms

-Door wire looms or door contacts installed and wired (if applicable)

-Insulation installed

-Power seat wires ran to location under seat

-Show Car Interiors is a fully equipped custom shop and we can assist you with the installation of these components.  Work of this type will increase the time necessary to complete your project and they are billed at our hourly rate.   Installation of these items are not included in an upholstery estimate unless specifically stated.